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As the state budget fight continues, two budget proposals would impact the state and local taxes paid by Maine families. Under Governor LePage's proposal the typical family of four would see their taxes increase $423. Under the Democrats' Opportunity Agenda, this family would pay $150 less. Enter your family's information to see how the plans stack up. Hover over the chart to see the breakdown of property, sales, and income taxes for each plan.

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If Governor LePage's budget passes as proposed, your taxes will go up by approximately $423 compared to current law. The top 1% of Mainers whose income is above $384,000 will get an average tax cut of $22,665 and local services and schools will continue to be shortchanged, increasing the pressure to raise property taxes even more.

If the Democrats' Opportunity Agenda passes as proposed, your taxes will go down by approximately $150 compared to current law and be $573 less than they would be compared to Governor LePage's budget proposal. The top 1% of Mainers will get an average tax cut of $150. The Opportunity Agenda also fully funds schools, provides more resources for local services, and reduces property taxes.

Disclaimer: Figures contained in this tax calculator are for illustrative purposes only and are based on Maine Center for Economic Policy analysis of current and proposed Maine tax laws. Sales tax calculations include both sales and excise taxes. Mill rates are based on 2015 rates available from Maine Revenue Services. Individuals seeking tax preparation or financial planning assistance should consult professional advice from a qualified person. More information on the tax changes reflected in this tax calculator can be found in this PDF.