December 20, 2017
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 20, 2017 CONTACT: Mario Moretto (207) 620-1101 Maine families lose in GOP tax deal Tax increases for families, cuts to health care will trickle down from GOP plan AUGUSTA, MAINE — Republican majorities in Congress on Wednesday gave final approval to a tax package that will exacerbate inequality for generations to come.
December 19, 2017
Sarah Austin House and Senate Republicans expect to vote on their tax bill early this week after an agreement on its provisions was struck Friday. The deal lowers the top individual rate to 37 percent, lower than either House or Senate versions of the bill, and pegs a new flat corporate tax rate of 21 percent.  
December 8, 2017
Your Monthly MECEP MATTERS November 2017 Edition Contents I. MECEP In Action: Our Analyses Key in Trump-Republican Tax Fight II. MECEP Facts & Figures: Impact of ACA Individual Mandate Repeal on Rural Maine III.
November 29, 2017
It’s becoming more and more clear that the GOP Tax Plan will have a hugely negative impact on the state of Maine. Thanks to James Myall of the Maine Center for Economic Policy for calling in to discuss.
November 27, 2017
Sarah Austin, a policy analyst with the Maine Center for Economic Policy, said in a prepared statement that removing the mandate would lead to 50,000 Mainers losing coverage and increase costs for many others.
November 22, 2017
Last year’s Thanksgiving with relatives might have left a bad taste in your mouth. This year, get ready to serve your Wacky Uncle some facts about the Republican tax plan.
November 22, 2017
James Myall The Senate Republican tax plan fails to offer meaningful benefit to Maine’s working families with children. The plan’s signature change for working families, a change to the refundable child tax credit, is being pushed as “relief for hardworking families” —but as with so much of the bill, tens of thousands of low-income families are being overlooked for the benefit of the wealthy. 
November 20, 2017
By 2027, the 80% of Maine households earning less than $147,140 will see a tax increase of $250 on average under the Senate’s proposed tax bill, according to new analysis released yesterday by the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP).
November 18, 2017
According to a study performed by Garrett Martin and Amar Patel for the Maine Center for Economic Policy, every $100 spent at locally owned businesses contributes an additional $58 to the local economy.
November 17, 2017
By Andy O’brien, Published on Free Press Online   Recent college graduate Jonathan Brown, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree and analyst Sarah Austin of the Maine Center for Economic Policy (Click on dots below for more photos)   This Thursday, the US House of Representatives is expected to vote on a bill that promises to deliver a massive income tax cut to the wealthiest taxpayers and corporations while eliminating various tax breaks, credits and deductions.