Oppose the Governor’s Efforts to Repeal Voter Approved Funding for Education and to Give Tax Breaks to the Rich Paid for by Mainers with Income below $92,000

Here are three reasons why Maine lawmakers should reject Governor LePage’s FY18/19 budget proposal:

1. Ignoring the Will of Maine Voters

The governor’s proposed state budget completely eliminates Question 2—the ballot initiative passed by voters in November that would increase state funding for our public schools by asking only those making over $200,000 to pay a little more. Instead, the governor’s proposed budget cuts $200 million from public schools and gives huge tax breaks to the wealthy.

2. An Upside Down Tax Plan

The governor’s budget proposal raises taxes on 80% of Mainers while giving HUGE tax breaks to the top 1%. Higher property and sales taxes mean that Mainers with income below $92,000 will be left holding the bag while our schools and communities continue to be shortchanged.

3. The Wrong Direction for Maine

The governor’s budget recycles the same old policies that have already failed. In 2011, Maine enacted the largest income tax cut in its history. Six years later, property taxes are nearing historic highs and Maine’s economic recovery languishes near the back of the pack among all states. In fact, four of the five largest income-tax-cutting states in recent years – including Maine – have experienced slower job growth since enacting their cuts than the rest of the country.

Maine needs a plan that builds a foundation for a strong economy and thriving communities. Expensive tax cuts for the wealthy mean we have less to invest in a stronger workforce, help young families succeed, support modern infrastructure, provide services our communities rely on, and address other goals that help rebuild our economy and improve our communities.

We urge you to testify to the Taxation and Appropriations Committees at the public hearing on Friday, February 10 at 10 a.m. in State House Room 228 in Augusta. Tell them why it matters to you to honor the will of Maine voters and protect funding for our schools and communities. You can also contact your legislator and ask them to oppose the governor’s upside down tax plan and to implement Question 2 as approved by Maine voters last November.

Click here for a pdf of this material.

Click here for MECEP’s guide to testifying on the budget.