Whether you’re a news junkie, curious citizen, policy wonk, expert on all things legislative, journalist or avid blogger, MECEP webinars and conferences are a chance to learn, engage, and take action in the fight for economic justice.

MECEP Policy Insights events and webinars

Our ongoing Lunch & Learns are shorter Zoom webinars offering an inside look into ongoing policy fights. Held on weekdays at noon and never longer than an hour, we’re able to offer these bite-sized events more regularly than our Conference or Talk. Check back for more details on the next Lunch & Learn!

Our Talk features one speaker and highlights their lived experience and expertise on center stage. Is there someone you’d like to see onstage at our next Talk? Let us know!

Our Conference brings speakers from multiple organizations and backgrounds together to tackle the big policy issues facing Maine’s families, communities, and economy. Check back for more details on the next conference!

Past events

MECEP discussed the continued the fight for economic justice during the second session of the 131st Legislative Session, including what was accomplished and what remains to be done to make the corporate tax code fairer, protect workers, raise wages, prevent evictions, support caregivers, and advance sovereignty for the Wabanaki Nations.

– Karin Leuthy, MECEP Community Engagement Manager
– James Myall, MECEP Economic Policy Analyst
– Arthur Phillips, MECEP Economic Policy Analyst
– Maura Pillsbury, MECEP State/Local Tax Policy Analyst
– Ryan Tipping, MECEP Director of Campaigns and Strategy (moderator)
Watch here.
MECEP staff discussed our efforts in the second session of the 131st Legislature in the areas of worker power, corporate accountability, tax fairness, housing, and tribal sovereignty. Featuring MECEP analyst and communications staff. Moderated by Ryan Tipping, MECEP Director of Campaigns and Strategy.
Watch here.
Additional insight and perspectives into State of Working Maine 2023: Boosting Maine’s Workforce. Speakers include report author James Myall, Maine workers, and Senator Mattie Daughtry.
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MECEP and the Scontras Center for Labor and Community Education invited labor leaders, rank-and-file members, and workers across the state for a briefing on State of Working Maine 2023 to explore the role of the labor movement in addressing Maine’s workforce challenge and ensuring job growth also means growth in quality union jobs.

Watch here.

The inaugural MECEP Policy Insights Talk featured a conversation with Chris Smalls, the founder and president of the Amazon Labor Union, an independent, democratic, worker-led labor union at Amazon in Staten Island and the founder of The Congress of Essential Workers, a nationwide collective of essential workers and allies fighting for better working conditions, better wages, and a better world.

At a FREE in-person event, we heard from Chris about the importance of worker power, the experience of organizing Amazon, and what can be done at the state level to support labor organizers.

Moderated by Taifa Smith Butler, president of Demos and former president & CEO of the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute. Taifa has more than 20 years of experience in strategic communications, public policy research and data analysis in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors and is a respected voice on economic and racial justice.

Thank you to our sponsors:

  • A. Philip Randolph Institute
  • Maine AFL-CIO
  • Consumers for Affordable Health Care
  • EqualityMaine
  • Frances Perkins Center
  • Institute for Local Self-Reliance
  • Maine Small Business Coalition
  • Maine Education Association
  • Maine Equal Justice
  • Maine People’s Alliance
  • Maine Women’s Lobby
  • New Ventures Maine
  • Scontras Labor Center
  • UMaine Bureau of Labor Education

This virtual Lunch & Learn covers what paid leave will mean for workers, the history of efforts to enact paid leave, what it takes to support and pass good public policy, and next steps in rolling out paid leave in Maine.

Watch here.

This virtual Lunch & Learn provides an update on legislation that would bring fairness and accountability to the corporate tax code, ensure Mainers have access to affordable child care and paid family leave, and build a budget that helps families who need it most.

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MECEP’s 2023 Policy Insights Conference covered: 

  • Impacts of corporate consolidation on workers, small businesses, rising costs, and racial equity  
  • Tactics used by corporations to exploit loopholes 
  • Examining effectiveness of tax giveaways to corporations 
  • Policy solutions to help Maine level the playing field 
Watch here.

This virtual Lunch & Learn explores solutions and actions policymakers and the public can pursue during the 131st legislative session to advance economic justice in Maine.

Watch here.

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