Economic issues can be complicated, complex, and filled with jargon. So we’re taking some of the big issues impacting Mainers and presenting the nuts and bolts! Scroll down to read our Explainers and get in the know.

Paid Family and Medical Leave

At some point in their life, almost every Mainer will need to take extended time away from work for a major life event, like welcoming a new baby, recovering from an illness, or caring for an ailing family member. 

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The Debt Ceiling

The debt ceiling is like the nation’s credit limit. When resources are limited due to economic downturns or tax cuts that aren’t paid for, the need to borrow more to honor existing commitments increases.

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The Child Tax Credit

Providing financial relief to American taxpayers with dependent children and lifting millions of children out of poverty, the Child Tax Credit is one of the most effective tools for helping families manage the rising cost of raising children.

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Predatory Lending

Lenders are considered predatory when they use practices that involve fraudulent, unfair, and abusive loan terms, including ultra-high interest rates and fees, aggressive and deceptive sales tactics, and terms that rob borrowers of their equity. 

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