Fact Sheet: Proposed rollback of health insurance reforms will hurt middle age and older Mainers, the sick, and rural residents and business

MECEP’s analysis of L.D. 1333, legislation to repeal many of Maine’s basic health care consumer protections, allow out-of-state insurers to market policies in Maine that are not subject to our regulations and other provisions that undermine access to quality affordable health care for older Mainers, rural residents, people with pre-existing conditions and small businesses.

Impact of Proposed Rollback of Health Insurance Reforms


Also MECEP illustrates the impact of these changes after they were enacted on rates for small businesses by region.  The information is from Consumers for Affordable Health Care’s new report, “Few Winners, Many Losers: Evaluating Key Provisions of Maine’s New Health Care Law to Date.” (September 2012)

Rural Businesses Pay More (map)

Rates Soar for Small Businesses (chart)

Removal of Rate Review Means Consumers Pay More (chart)