Maine’s Labor Market Recovery: Far from Complete

job searchNearly five years after the end of the worst recession since the 1930s, Maine’s economic recovery is still far from complete. Maine has recouped only half the jobs lost as a result of the recession and ranks near the bottom of all states in job growth since January 2011.

MECEP’s assessment of current labor market indicators paints a mixed picture of Maine’s recovery. Where there are signs of improvement, they are mostly limited to Maine’s urban areas and are being driven by part-time and older workers. For now, a more robust recovery—one that grows the economy and creates better opportunities for workers of all ages in Maine and from other states and countries—remains elusive.

By Joel Johnson, economist, and Garrett Martin, executive director

Maine’s Labor Market Recovery: Far from Complete (Full Report)

Executive Summary, Maine’s Labor Market Recovery: Far from Complete

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