Asians in the Maine Economy: Opportunities for Growth

Asians in the Maine Economy: Opportunities for Growth is the second in a series of reports by the Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP) on immigration and its importance to our state’s future growth and development. This report follows on our first report The Growing Latin American Influence: Opportunities for Maine’s Economy.

Asians contribute to the Maine economy in multiple ways; by paying taxes, starting new businesses, working in high tech industries and health care, as educators and students, participating in civic activities, consuming goods and services and revitalizing communities. The net financial gain from immigration in America is widely documented. But economic contributions are not the only reason why Maine needs new immigrants. Life experiences, traditions, ideas, customs, cuisine, art, music and language all serve to enrich our communities and our state.

The face of Maine is changing. In this report, we hope to break some of the stereotypes and misconceptions about Asians in Maine; who they are, where they come from, how they get here and why they stay. With good public policy and sound business practices and incentives, we can build on those contributions.

by Deborah Felder, Dolgormaa Hersom, Vaishali Mamgain and Garrett Martin

Asians in the Maine Economy

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