In the Maine Media

 Here are three items that appeared recently in the Maine media that Line Items readers may find to be of interest.

In his Saturday (November 20th) column in the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel, Communications Coordinator Mike Tipping of MECEP’s partner organization The Maine People’s Alliance asks the big question that Congress must answer before the end of the year: “Jobless benefits extension not OK, but tax cuts for the wealthy are?

In an “op ed” today (Monday, November 22nd) entitled “Thanksgiving hardships show that job crisis continues” in the Bangor Daily News, Julie Grab a retired teacher from Old Town who is also a member of the Worker Rights Board of Eastern Maine and Food AND Medicine, writes “The government must do its part in providing immediate aid to help people in crisis by extending unemployment insurance and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families emergency fund, while also launching programs that will create jobs.”

The Bangor Daily News also chimed in with a timely editorial on the failure of Congress to extend unemployment benefits while pushing forward with tax cuts for the superrich entitled “Working Class vs, Wealthy.”

In an editorial today entitled “Power Rates in Perspective,” the Bangor Daily News concludes that “while electricity costs are high here, the trend is in the right direction.”