MECEP statement on Build Back Better framework

AUGUSTA, Maine — Garrett Martin, president & CEO at the Maine Center for Economic Policy, released the following statement on the advancement of President Biden’s Build Back Better package:

“We applaud President Biden and Congressional leadership in releasing a framework on the Build Back Better package. Once enacted, this bill will be transformative for Maine families, children, and workers. It will ensure that we continue to lift thousands of Maine kids out of poverty and that more families have affordable child care, health care, and housing. It will increase grants for college and create universal, free pre-K for 3- and 4- year-olds. It will make historic investments to expand access to home care for seniors and people with disabilities while improving the quality of jobs and care. Those elements will give kids and families more opportunity and are the foundation of a strong economy. While important policies such as paid family and medical leave are not included — which we will keep fighting for — the current framework represents one of the most important investments in Maine people in generations.

The bill will be paid for by asking more from the wealthiest individuals and profitable corporations and cracking down on tax avoidance and companies hiding profits in tax havens. We ask our whole delegation to support this bill and look forward to working with them, the Governor, and state lawmakers to successfully implement and expand on these gains for Maine people.”