MECEP Statement on Governor LePage’s Budget Proposal

Augusta, Maine (Tuesday, January 10, 2016) The Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP) issued the following statement from Executive Director Garrett Martin concerning Governor Paul LePage’s budget proposal:

“Every two years, we come together to reflect on our shared values and advance a vision for how we move Maine’s economy forward. Governor LePage’s proposed budget could not be further out of touch with Mainers’ priorities and what the state’s economy needs.

“Governor LePage makes his priorities crystal clear. His budget contains major tax cuts for Maine’s wealthy and big corporations. He pays for the cuts by stripping resources from Maine students, Maine families, and Maine communities. Nowhere in this document is a plan to move our economy forward, strengthen our workforce, or invest in our rural economies.

“The governor’s budget stands in stark contrast to the directives of Maine people. He gives a $23,000 tax cut to the wealthiest one percent and fails to deliver for Maine’s schools and communities. He does this just two months after Mainers came together to approve higher income taxes on the wealthy to fulfill a promise to students and local property taxpayers.

“Mainers are hard-working and highly skilled. But we need a clear plan to connect people with good-paying jobs in our modern economy. MECEP remains committed to working with lawmakers to pass a budget that invests in a stronger workforce, helps young families succeed, builds modern infrastructure, provides services our communities rely on, and addresses other priorities that benefit all Mainers now and in the future. The first step in achieving that vision is for lawmakers to reject the governor’s budget.”