MECEP statement on Governor Mills’ veto of LD 1231

AUGUSTA, Maine — Garrett Martin, president & CEO at the Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP), released the following statement in reaction to Governor Mills’ veto of LD 1231, a bill that added new tax brackets for high income earners.  

“In vetoing LD 1231, a bipartisan bill that would have added new tax brackets for higher incomes, Governor Mills missed a valuable opportunity to add fairness to Maine’s tax code. While our state’s tax systems are already among the fairest in the nation, it’s also true that wealthy people and corporations continue to avoid paying their fair share, leaving those with the least to pick up the slack. LD 1231 wasn’t a perfect tax bill — most of its benefits targeted upper middle-class households and no benefits were available for Mainers with the lowest incomes — but asking the wealthy to pay more was a step in the right direction.  

When multimillionaires pay the same income tax rate as a Mainer making just $62,000 a year, it should be obvious that change is needed. It’s no secret that Maine has significant needs that require significant investment. Instead of saying what we can’t afford to do in every budget cycle, let’s ask more of those who can afford it, and build a vibrant economy that works for all Mainers. The Maine legislature should continue to work towards a fairer tax code, and Governor Mills should join the bipartisan effort to do so.”