Report: Addressing systemic racism in economy would benefit all Mainers


Under the state’s current economic system, white residents are advantaged over Black, indigenous and other people of color. A new report from the Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP) outlines how taking steps to address systemic racism in the Maine economy would benefit all residents.

“Maine is strongest when every family has the resources necessary to cover the bills and keep up with the basic spending necessary to fuel our economy. The income and economic activity lost to racial disparities reflect a lack of fairness and hold our state back by making it harder for some Mainers to participate fully in the economy,” writes MECEP policy analyst James Myall, who authored “State of Working Maine: 2020 Building A More Equitable Maine Would Help Working Families and Strengthen the Economy.”

Click here to read the full story, first published November 16, 2020, in Beacon.