Report: Taxing the wealthy will lead to a quicker economic recovery in Maine


In a news release about the report, the Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP) pointed to three taxes mentioned in the report as essential for helping the state bounce back from the pandemic. Those include raising taxes on Mainers with the highest incomes and strengthening capital gains and estate taxes.

With Maine’s new legislature getting sworn in earlier this month, MECEP called on state lawmakers to ensure the wealthy pay their fair share.

“By improving the ways Maine taxes wealth, lawmakers can help create a recovery and economy that works for everyone,” said Sarah Austin, tax and budget analyst at MECEP. “This is essential not only for our recovery from the pandemic-related recession, but to build a state where our children and grandchildren can thrive, regardless of race or income.”

Click here to read the full story, first published December 15, 2020, in Beacon.