STATEMENT: Budget deal fails to address persistent state revenue challenges

Mario Moretto

AUGUSTA, Maine — Garrett Martin, executive director of the Maine Center for Economic Policy, released the following statement in reaction to the biennial budget deal endorsed Wednesday by the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee: 

“Maine’s budget negotiations are a perpetual challenge because of lopsided tax cuts that rob the state of the resources we need to invest in our schools, our communities, and other priorities that support our economy. 

“Reversing LePage-era tax cuts for the wealthiest would have put budget negotiators in a position to fully fund, for the first time ever, our children’s schools and the local services upon which families and businesses rely. While this budget moves in the right direction, it’s failure to un-rig our tax code means these core commitments will remain underfunded.  

“While the budget process is winding down, legislators still have other opportunities this session to address tax fairness and raise revenue that can help us meet Mainers’ needs. MECEP remains committed to working with policymakers to pass evidence-based solutions that promote prosperity and opportunity for all Mainers.”