The Women of Maine vs. Susan Collins

Eye earned a master’s degree in global policy at the University of Maine. She completed several high-profile internships in her field, has worked as a field organizer for major political campaigns, and taught adjunct courses at her alma mater in Orono. She says the only job she can find is as a scheduler in a medical office. It pays minimum wage, so she lives with her mom and is well aware that she lives at the poverty line.

Hers is an increasingly common position, according to the Maine Center for Economic Policy. A recent report by the organization found that a lack of full-time jobs with competitive salaries continues to send away young Mainers and detract others from moving here. That same report found that 36 percent of Maine workers between 16 and 64 years old do not work a full-time, year-round schedule, despite the fact that many of them want one.

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