Waldo County Senate candidates weigh in on the issues

“A recent report by the Maine Center for Economic Policy found that tax cuts passed by the Maine Legislature and Gov. Paul LePage over the past eight years will cost the state $864 million in revenue in the next biennium. At the same time, the think tank estimated that $643.5 million of that sum would be enough to provide 55 percent of the cost of education to towns, expand MaineCare coverage to 70,000 low-income Mainers and fully fund the state’s mandatory contribution to local services such as public safety, road maintenance, clean water and fire protection. Last year, the Legislature repealed a voter-approved law that would have finally honored the voter-mandated law requiring the state to fund 55 percent of the cost of education by levying a 3-percent surtax on the wealthiest top 2 percent of taxpayers.”

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