Step 1: Pick up the Phone

Say "no thanks" to the current tax plan and ask her to support a better, bipartisan solution.

Step 2: Pick Your Message

"50,000 Mainers will lose health coverage"
  • 50,000 Mainers will lose health coverage and see their premiums go up by thousands of dollars.

    • The individual mandate is critical in keeping the individual market coverage affordable and stable for hundreds of thousands of Mainers. 
    • Without the individual mandate, Mainers can see their premiums go up by as much as $3,000 in Maine's more economically-depressed regions. 
    • As a result, the uninsured rate in Maine will increase from 6.8% to 11.8% by 2027. 
"Favors foreign investors, big corporations, and the top 1%
  • Corporate welfare benefits high-income households and Wall Street corporations, not Maine's small businesses or the middle class. 

    • The claim that the plan’s corporate tax cuts would lead to a large wage increase for ordinary workers has been widely debunked. Increases in corporate profits in recent decades haven’t led to wage increases for ordinary workers. 
    • The Senate bill creates a lower corporate tax rate for multinationals’ foreign profits. That’s a big incentive for companies to shift profits and investments offshore to get the lower rate, and it advantages large multinationals compared to small, domestic firms. 
    • The Senate bill makes all these tax cuts for corporations and multinationals permanent—paying for that by repealing the individual mandate and making millions more uninsured, even while allowing provisions that are intended to benefit middle-income families expire at the end of 2025. 
"Will provide multinational corporations incentives to ship jobs overseas"

The Senate GOP tax plan is a massive tax handout to foreign investors and will incentivize large U.S. multinational corporations to ship jobs overseas. 

  • The Senate GOP tax plan won’t keep jobs in the U.S. In fact, large U.S. multinationals would have incentives to ship profits and investments overseas, and a permanent tax advantage over smaller companies and those with just U.S. operations. 
  • The Senate GOP Tax plan won't create new jobs- in fact, it could hurt Maine businesses and workers by giving large multinational corporations a permanent tax advantage over small businesses with just U.S. operations and jeopardizing funding for key programs that spur economic development.  

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