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October 17, 2018

Building an inclusive economy requires tax policy that meets two conditions. The first is that those with the most are asked to pay more, or at the very least pay as great a share of their income in taxes as …

September 21, 2018

Sarah Austin

The Home Care referendum on November’s ballot would affect 34,442 Mainers at the top of the income distribution, according to a new analysis conducted by MECEP. That represents 3.36% percent of all Mainers with income.[i]

In seven …

September 13, 2018

James Myall

Maine’s teachers spent at least $4.2 million out of their own pockets on basic school supplies in 2016, the most recent year for which we have data, illustrating the inadequate public resources dedicated to educating the next generation …

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Policy Brief: Predatory actors worsen borrowers’ woes as education debt holds back Maine’s economy - December 10, 2018
Summary: Higher education is a boon to graduates and Maine’s economy. It increases degree holders’ lifetime earnings, improves business competitiveness, and spurs consumer spending. read more
Policy Brief — Wealthy Mainers have deep roots: Why taxes don’t spur interstate moves - October 15, 2018
  Summary: Mainers want to live in thriving communities with good schools, affordable housing, safe roads, reliable public services and good jobs. read more
MECEP Policy Brief: Minimum wage increase brought higher wages, reduced child poverty in 2017 - September 24, 2018
  Summary: Maine’s voter-approved minimum wage increase in 2017 led to the fastest wage increase in a decade for low-income Mainers and helped lift 10,000 Maine children out of poverty — a greater number than were brought above the poverty threshold in any other year in the last decade. read more
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Congress enacts bipartisan agreement to protect and strengthen food assistance
No car, no home, no retirement: How $6 billion of education debt spurs hardship for Mainers, holds back our economy
New poll: Mainers struggle to pay down student debt, say loan servicers are making matters worse
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