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April 7, 2017

Megan Michaud blog 11-16-2015Yesterday, House and Senate Democrats rolled out a budget proposal that delivers where Governor LePage’s budget failed. We’ll be diving into the details in the coming days but our first take is that it gets to work solving the problems …

April 4, 2017
James Myall

James Myall

Workers who rely on tips don’t benefit from the existence of a lower tipped minimum wage. That’s the conclusion of a variety of sources that compare the earnings of workers in those states without a “tip credit” and …

April 3, 2017
James Myall

James Myall

Imagine you’re a cashier  at the height of flu season and three of your coworkers called in sick on a Saturday afternoon—one of the busiest times of the week. Lines are long, customers are grumpy, and your efforts

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MECEP Tax Calculator - April 22, 2017
The LePage budget would raise taxes by $423 for a family earning $56,000. The Democrats’ Opportunity Agenda would reduce their taxes by $150 and fully fund our schools and increase support for Maine communities. read more
Lost Federal Funds: Lost Opportunities for Maine - March 21, 2017
Since 2011, Maine has forfeited over $1.9 billion in available federal resources that could have helped protect Mainers’ health and well-being, promote tax fairness, and boost the state’s economy. read more
MECEP Report: Proposed Funding Initiative Will Rollback Recent Income Tax Cuts for Wealthy Mainers to Provide More than $150 Million Annually for Student Learning - September 19, 2016
The Maine Center for Economic Policy finds that a three percent tax on income above $200,000 dedicated to K-12 education will increase state funding for schools, promote tax fairness, help promote greater opportunity for low-income students, and level the playing field between property-poor and property-rich towns. read more
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Property tax cut keeps money in the right place
Republicans base their new Obamacare repeal on a Maine program they call a success. Don’t believe them.
Committee endorses bill to create universal sick leave in Maine
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